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We have offered the first lesson of tutorials, Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis, with the complementary exam available for free as a preview of how the course is designed for each of the sections available on the syllabus.

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About Our College

The sole purpose of our college is to educate and elevate currently licensed medical professionals to the knowledge level of practicing MDs and beyond.* In addition, our purpose is also to prepare future MDs (prospective students) for their University experience. Finally, we seek to re-educate practicing MDs who have been out of school for many years so that their knowledge base is up to date. New technologies, new discoveries into alternative and physical medicine are fully addressed.

This certification will benefit your practice by increasing your income, adding professional credentials to your title and most importantly, elevating your status in your community by being certified having the same knowledge as an MD.You will be better equipped to communicate effectively with your existing patient's primary care physicians and to fully understand: how the total body functions, drug interactions, medical terminology, etc.

Upon completion, new professional opportunities may be available such as: hospital and clinic administration, governmental regulatory employment, medical research, managing licensed medical personnel in your private clinic, professorships at medical schools, etc.

You can start at any time. The final exam is presented question by question. Wrong answers are immediately followed by the correct answer with a complete explanation of why the answer was wrong. Correct answers are followed by an explanation of why it was right and you work your way through the process. You will either not pass at all, or pass with a 100% grade (magna cum laude). We have found that this educational process takes advantage of the latest research into learning. In antiquated educational systems, if you pass the exam with a score of 80%, for example, then 20% of your knowledge base would be wrong, and that would be a liability to your clients/patients.

Successful completion of this certification program may increase your opportunities for entrance into a clinical MD program because of your advanced state of knowledge. Our students agree they will not actively practice medicine as an MD with patients until they pass their state medical board examinations, and all other regulations their state requires. You will still practice under the scope of your current medical license but you may be able to add the designation MD to your name just as you add the initials from other successful board certifications. Some state boards try to limit the initials you can use after your name but have been successfully overruled by the first amendment of free speech.

Academic Medicine

Academic medicine is not new. Many institutions in the UK have been offering this, and now many US Universities are offering this type of certification. We feel that a licensed, currently practicing doctor does not have the time to be away from his current patients to attend a residential program, and those programs tuition fees are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This program is totally online and affordable. ($9,576)

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Note: there is no fee or deposit necessary to apply. The decision for acceptance is determined on a case by case basis.

*This certification program is based on the comprehensive review of the finest medical school physician training degree-related programs in the US. Therefore, the certification represents our unique certification of your level of knowledge. This program was initiated in 2019 and all new programs must be in existence for three years before eligibility for any accreditations, we expect that this program will be fully credited in 2023 and all prior students will be included as having completed an accredited certification program. We will also apply for degree granting status which will mean that you will then have a full MD education with all the priviledges that pertain thereto. When this happens it will also be retroactive to previous students.

The designation "AMD" does not enable a successful graduate to practice clinical medicine until they complete residency, state boards, and any other necessary legal requirements.